What I Do ?

Let's talk about lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, Diabetes, Cancer, High cholesterol, Obesity, Gout and Autoimmune diseases. How to prevent these lifestyle diseases as well as treat them if you have them with minimal or no medications using lifestyle changes and nutrition. Integrated Medicine is the treatment of choice for chronic lifestyle diseases whereas western medicine is the treatment of choice for acute care.
Wake up gently, stretch your body, and allow sunlight into your room. Practice mindfulness through prayer and meditation. Drink water to keep you hydrated. Exercise before breakfast. Have a morning shower to cleanse your body and mind. Have a healthy breakfast to give you more energy and focus. Eat slowly , chew nicely and savor the colours, flavors,textures and aromas. Enjoy your breakfast with no distractions.
Portion size matters. People consistently eat more food when offered larger sized portions which provide more calories and encourage people to eat more and to underestimate. How much they are eating. Portion control is important when you're trying to lose weight and keep it off. Use small plates and cups. Choose whole, natural foods and eliminate all refined and processed foods.

How do our service work ?

This is an exclusive Wellness and Lifestyle Medicine online program which works on a one time investment for your life time health. I will reach you through Skype / Phone and Email and teach one on one , how to reverse diseases with minimal or no medication,how to prevent diseases and get optimal health. You and your family will get educated and empowered to live and stay healthy in the comfort of your home. My program is unique in the sense that you get health counselling , health coaching and medical consultation all the 3 under one roof .What you are seeing and reading in this page is just the tip of the iceberg. You will learn much more than this. It is never too late to take control of you health.

Clients joining my program will get access to my huge collections of videos in my wellness library which has more than 1000 videos on various health topics. I will do the cherry picking of the videos you need to see

My clients will get a personalized diet plan and will be given my own recipes as well as recipes from global wellness experts which will both prevent and cure illness and create optimal wellness.

Members in my program will get answers to all the questions posed on the topics below and much more which will enhance your Wellness and overcome your illnesses.

  • Functions of Water in the body
  • Your daily requirement
  • Signs of dehydration
  • Signs of Overhydration
  • Types of water to be consumed
  • Is Hydrogen water good
  • Side effects of Alkaline Water
  • What is Fiber
  • Types of Fiber
  • Daily requirement of Fiber
  • Benefits of Fiber intake
  • Side effects of Fiber
  • High fiber list of foods
  • Tips for adding more fiber
Vitamin D
  • What is the optimum blood level of Vitamin D
  • What are the 6 diseases associated with low Vitamin D levels
  • What factors affect Vitamin D absorption
  • What is the daily optimal dose of Vitamin D
  • Vitamin D to be taken along with which other Vitamin
Vitamin C
  • What is the role of Vitamin C in the body
  • What is the daily recommended dose of Vitamin C
  • What is the most bioavailable form of Vitamin C
  • What are the richest food sources of Vitamin C
  • What are the side effects of Vitamin C
Vitamin B12
  • What is the active form of Vitamin B 12 called
  • What is the best absorbable form of Vitamin B12
  • What is the function of Vitamin B 12 in the body
  • What are the animal and Plant sources of Vitamin B 12
  • What is the most reliable blood test for Vitamin B12 deficiency
Omega 3
  • How is Omega 3 deficiency diagnosed
  • What is the active form of Omega 3
  • Omega 3 can be used in what diseases
  • What are the food sources of Omega 3
  • What is the daily optimal dose of Omega 3
  • What are the two forms of Iron and which is better absorbed
  • What are the causes of Iron deficiency anemia
  • What are the symptoms and blood tests for diagnosing Iron deficiency
  • Complications of Iron deficiency anemia
  • Treatment and Prevention of Iron deficiency anemia
  • What is the role of Calcium in the body
  • What is the daily recommended dose of Calcium
  • What foods are rich in Calcium
  • Symptoms and complications of Hypocalcemia
  • Symptoms and complications of Hypercalcemia
  • What is the role of Magnesium the body
  • What are the food sources of Magnesium
  • What is the normal daily intake of Magnesium
  • What are the symptoms of Magnesium deficiency
  • What are the different forms of Magnesium Supplements
  • What is a Probiotic and what are its uses
  • What is a Prebiotic and how does it affect the Probiotic
  • What is the ideal colony count to look for in a good Probiotic
  • How many strains are needed in a good Probiotic supplement
  • What criteria do you choose a good Probiotic
Diary Products
  • Is Dairy healthy or not. If healthy how
  • What 2 components of diary cause health issues
  • What diseases are linked to dairy products
  • Can high milk consumption cause Osteoporosis
  • What are the alternatives to diary milk
  • What are the benefits of eating Wheat
  • Difference between ancient and modern Wheat
  • Dangers of modern Wheat
  • Know the nutrition facts of Wheat
  • Healthy alternatives to Wheat
  • Is Juicing healthy. How to begin Juicing
  • Difference between Juicing and Blending
  • What are the health benefits of Juicing
  • What are the side effects of Juicing
  • What brand of Juicer and Blender should you buy.
Cooking Oils
  • What is the best Cooking oil
  • Are Vegetable oils healthy
  • Is Olive oil good for Indian cooking
  • How do you identify a good Olive Oil brand
  • What Cooking oils are inflammatory
  • What are alternatives to cooking oil
  • Health benefits of good sleep
  • Dangers of chronic sleep deprivation
  • What is Sleep apnea
  • Dangers of using Sleep medicines
  • How to get restful sleep naturally without medicines
  • What is Sleep hygiene
  • How do you define Fatigue
  • What 3 categories cause Fatigue
  • Symptoms of Fatigue
  • What Investigations are done to evaluate Fatigue
  • Treatment of Fatigue
  • Complications of Fatigue
  • What is chronic fatigue syndrome
Hair Loss
  • What is the normal hair loss per day
  • What are the important cause of hair loss
  • What are the 3 phases of hair growth
  • What are the investigations to evaluate hair loss
  • Natural treatment therapies for hair loss
  • What are the 2 Vitamins made in the body
  • Is supplements needed for health
  • Dangers of using supplements
  • What and when supplements need to be used
  • Where do you purchase quality supplements
There are 3 ways to get answers for all the questions I have asked under various headings in this page
  • Easy source is your Family doctor who knows about your health issues but cannot educate you much usually because of both time and nutrition knowledge constraints.
  • Easier option is asking Dr Google which will not always give right information and may mislead you
  • Easiest way is to join my wellness program and get the comprehensive blood and other diagnostic tests done and get to know the facts about your overall health .Get educated and not medicated for any lifestyle disease . Get yourself a personalized diet plan and recipes from me which will both prevent as well as reverse illness and create wellness.
  • It is your health
  • It is your life
  • It is your choice
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